The divinity is waiting for us! Janis Roze message

The good news is that we entered in an accelerated pace of evolution, that is, ascension. There is a great joy in the invisible world for the growing and more growing Light on the earth. The same is happening in the lives of many of us seeking  freedom, well-being and abundance.  The great beings who accompany us and support us are celebrating the new phase of the evolutionary process.  All difficulties, complications, confusions and calamities on the individual, societal and national levels are part of this process. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible!  The light at the end of the tunnel is visible!

                A mega-ray  of cosmic energy is arriving. Our sun is reducing its intensity in order not to “burn” Gaia and the other planets. This divine energy is bathing all of us and all the kingdoms on the earth. 

                It is important that we individually, or as groups can perceive it and take advantage of it: individually for growing, as a society for seeking unity and harmony, and as nations to actualize their deep destiny.   To order to use it, we have to recognize and rediscover ourselves   as magnificent,  powerful and, above else, loving  beings who are actually absorbing the incoming energy. To do it, let’s enter in quietness, in silence and open ourselves up to the energy of the salvation. The divinity is waiting for us! The divinity is waiting for us!

Janis Roze

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